Bárd technical writing services

Flexible, professional, and cost-effective solutions

  • We offer a flexible, cost effective outsourcing solution which enables you to increase capacity, when necessary, without adding to your permanent headcount.
  • We can take on any part of the documentation process or provide a complete end-to-end solution.
  • We can provide a single writer to work as part of your own team or a team of writers to take on an entire documentation project.

Why use a specialist technical writer?

Good quality documentation gives the best possible impression of your company and your products. An experienced technical writer not only has the ability to communicate a technical subject in a clear and concise way but can also determine the best way to present complex information. Specialist writers will ensure your written communications are accurate, effective and professional.

What do our technical writers do?

Our technical writers plan, design and write many types of document including:

  • User guides
  • Configuration guides
  • Reference manuals
  • Help systems
  • Website content
  • Product release notes
  • API programming guides
  • Software and hardware installation guides
  • Data sheets
  • Marketing communications

The documents can be designed to be delivered to your readership in printed format, electronic format or published to the web. We can also advise you regarding content management and single sourcing solutions so that the same content can be reused and delivered to your audience in different ways.

Effective Project Management

We use best practice project management techniques to ensure our projects are delivered on time and above expectation. We work closely with our clients to evaluate their documentation requirements, plan the scope and schedule of the documentation, and deliver high-quality documentation in a timely and cost-effective manner.

To build on this, we’ve developed Docforce, a software platform to enable efficient and effective project management. Docforce is an online software platform which gives any company or individual the ability to access technical writing talent on-demand. Utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, the platform increases project efficiency. In addition, the platform provides valuable project insights through workflow management and detailed resource and budgeting analytics.


Our experienced consultants can support and advise you on all aspects of the documentation process:

  • We carry out documentation audits and recommend ways of optimizing your documentation worklflow
  • We design solutions for content management and single sourcing
  • We can train your staff how to structure and write technical documentation
  • We provide editing and proof reading services for clients writing their own documentation


We have clients in various business sectors including IT, computer software/hardware, health, and finance. Some of our clients include Google, Cisco, Skype, TeleTech, Lam Research, European Foundation, Rainmaker, Digisoft.tv, Powervation, YouGetItBack.com, AMCS, SEI, Nortel Networks, Atoga, Amdocs, Trend Micro, Realex Payments and Bay Networks.

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