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The Bárd na nGleann group is an information-management company headquartered in Béal Átha’n Ghaorthaidh (Ballingeary), County Cork, Ireland, with its subsidiary company, Bárd na nGleann International, located in San Jose, California. The Bárd na nGleann group trades under the name Bárd and provides a wide variety of technical writing services.

BárdWrite provides technical writing and project management services for IT companies. We can manage the entire documentation project life-cycle, or we can work just one document. Our clients outsource their documentation projects to us and rely on our expertise and experience to ensure high-quality, timely delivery. We write English documentation in the style and format the client requests.

Docforce is an online software platform which gives any company or individual the ability to access technical writing talent on-demand. Utilizing machine learning and artificial intelligence, the platform increases project efficiency. In addition, the platform provides valuable project insights through workflow management and detailed resource and budgeting analytics.

The Bárd story

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Where we work

The headquarters building of Bárd na nGleann is in Béal átha’n Ghaorthaidh (Ballingeary), a village in West Cork, Ireland. Bárd also has a satellite office in Cill Chúile (Kilcooley) on the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry. We also have contract employees in various parts of Ireland and in other countries, such as the US and UK.

Our main office is less than an hour’s drive from Cork City, which has an International Airport and ferry services to the United Kingdom and continental Europe. Cork City is also accessible via train and bus. Kerry Regional Airport can be reached in just under an hour from the office and Shannon International Airport is a two-hour drive.

Our office is located in an area of intense natural beauty within easy reach of Gougane Barra, Bantry Bay, Glengarriff, Killarney, and many scenic villages along the southwestern coast of Ireland. Béal átha’n Ghaorthaidh (Ballingeary) is part of an Irish-speaking region of Ireland called the Muskerry Gaeltacht. Béal átha’n Ghaorthaidh (Ballingeary) has the oldest Irish-language teaching college in Ireland, Coláiste na Múmhan, and continues to draw visitors interested in the Irish language. The area is also very popular for its scenery, fishing, wild life, hill walking, and golf. Gougane Barra, a beautiful scenic park containing the sixth-century monastery of St. Finbarr, is only three miles away.


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Data Protection Policy (Privacy Policy)

The General Data Protection Regulation and Data Protection Acts 1988-2018 apply to the processing of personal data.

Bárd na nGleann (Bárd) is committed to complying with its legal obligations in this regard. Bárd collects and processes personal data relating to its job applicants and employees in the course of business in a variety of circumstances, e.g. recruitment, training, payment, performance reviews, and to protect the legitimate interests of Bárd.

This policy covers any individual about whom Bárd processes data. This may include current and former employees and job applicants. Processing of data includes: collecting; recording; storing; altering; disclosing; destroying; and blocking.

Personal data kept by Bárd shall normally be stored on the personnel file or HR electronic
database. Highly sensitive data, such as medical information, will be stored in a separate file, in order to ensure the highest levels of confidentiality. Bárd will ensure that only authorised personnel have access to the personnel file.

It may be necessary to store certain other personal data outside the HR department, e.g. salary details will be stored in the payroll department. Bárd managers or supervisor may have access to certain personal data where necessary. Bárd has appropriate security measures in place to protect against unauthorised access.

Collection and storage of data

Bárd processes certain data relevant to the nature of the employment regarding its employees
and, where necessary, to protect its legitimate business interests. We will ensure that personal data will be processed in accordance with the principles of data protection, as described in the GDPR and Data Protection Acts.

Personal data is normally obtained directly from the job applicant or employee concerned. In
certain circumstances, it will, however, be necessary to obtain data from third parties, e.g.
references from previous employers. Where relevant to the nature of the work, Bárd may make
an application to the Garda Vetting Bureau for Garda clearance of an employee.

Personal data collected by Bárd is used for ordinary personnel management purposes. Where
there is a need to collect data for another purpose, Bárd shall inform you of this. In cases where it is appropriate to get your consent to such processing, Bárd will do so.

Job applicants and employees are responsible for ensuring that they inform the HR department
of any changes in their personal details, e.g. change of address.. We endeavour to ensure personal data held by Bárd is up to date and accurate.

Retention of data

Bárd is under legal obligation to keep certain data for a specified period of time. In addition, Bárd will need to keep personnel data for a period of time in order to protect its legitimate interests. Recruitment data i.e. resumes/C.V.s and cover letters will be retained for a period of 24 months.

Security and disclosure of data

Bárd will take all reasonable steps to ensure that appropriate security measures are in place to protect the confidentiality of both electronic and manual data. Security measures will be
reviewed from time to time, having regard to the technology available, the cost and the risk of unauthorised access.

HR data will only be processed for employment-related purposes and, in general, will not be
disclosed to third parties, except where required or authorised by law or with the agreement of the employee. HR files are normally stored in the HR department and employees who have
access to these files must ensure that they treat them confidentially. Employees working in the payroll department must treat all personal data they receive confidentially and must not disclose it, except in the course of their employment.

Recruitment data i.e. resumes/C.V.s is controlled by Bárd, with access limited to authorised Bárd managers and supervisors, and is processed on HireHive servers.

All employees will have access to a certain amount of personal data relating to
colleagues, customers and other third parties. Employees must play their part in
ensuring its confidentiality. They must adhere to the data protection principles and must
not disclose such data, except where necessary in the course of their employment, or in
accordance with law. They must not remove or destroy personal data except for lawful

Any breach of the data protection principles is a serious matter and may lead to disciplinary
action up to and including dismissal.

Medical data

Bárd may receive certain medical information, which will be stored in a secure manner with the
utmost regard for the confidentiality of the document. Bárd does not retain medical reports on
job applicants who do not become employees for longer than is necessary.

Access requests

Employees and job applicants are entitled to request data held about them on computer or in
relevant filing sets. Bárd will provide this data within one month of receipt of request. There is no charge for requesting this data.

Right to object

Employees and job applicants have the right to object to data processing that is causing them
distress. Where such objection is justified, Bárd will cease processing the data unless it has a legitimate interest that prevents this. Bárd will make every effort to alleviate the distress caused to the individual.

An objection should be made in writing to admin@bardnangleann.com , outlining the data in
question and the harm being caused to the employee.

Transmission of data outside the State

As Bárd operates internationally, it may be necessary in the course of business to transfer
employee’s personnel data within Bárd and to other group companies in countries outside the
European Economic Area, which do not have comparable data protection laws to Ireland. The
transfer of such data is necessary for the management and administration of Bárd’s contracts and to facilitate the overall administration of personnel within the group. When this is necessary, Bárd will take steps to ensure that the data has the same level of protection as it does inside the State. Bárd will only transmit to companies that agree to guarantee this level of protection.


This policy will be reviewed from time to time to take into account changes in the law and the
experience of the policy in practice. This was last reviewed and updated in May 2018.

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Unit A, Ballingeary
County Cork, Ireland


+353 (0) 26 47330